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January 24th, 2010

Couch, snow, shoe

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I forgot to share about Couch Day!  Oh, it was a great holiday on 1/18  to get my couch back.  And I got it back in time for my first three-legged trip to the dog park, so it really came in hand for snoozing afterwards.  Here’s a pic:

Now, I’m gonna try to include something educational in every post.  Today it will be walking three-legged through snow.  Not easy!  No wonder Mom and the vet said I wasn’t allowed while I was still healing from surgery.  So here’s a video of me walkin’ through my back yard.  I had the added motivation of a trail of rabbit droppings to follow.  Mom wasn’t too pleased about that.  Apparently rabbit droppings used to upset Yoda’s tummy.  Hasn’t done me any harm yet!

And now, for some comic relief, though once again, I’m not sure what is so funny.  Mom came home from work, and I was ready for my walk.  But all my toys were way over on the other side of the room.  So I grabbed her shoe.  After all, that served two functions.  One, I had something to carry on my walk, which I like, and two, it communicated to Mom that it was time to WALK. 

January 21st, 2010


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I love the dog park!

What else needs to be said?  Nothing, right?  The pawesomeness of the dog park is evident in the video.  But Mom wants me to add that this was my first trip to a dog park after my amputation and that in fact it was exactly one month and two days since then.  Also, I had my sutures taken out that day, but not from my amputation (that was a while ago) but from where they cut out the benign little bump from my shoulder two weeks ago.  After that my doc said I was good to go!  I love that guy!!!  What was that Mom?  Oh, she wanted to know who I don’t love…?  She’s looking at me like she told a joke.  I don’t get it, but I’ll wag my tail anyways. 

Ugh, now she (Mom) wants me to tell about the pills she got from my new doc.  Geez, who’s blog is this?!  Okay, so I got some Dasuquin to protect my joints and stuff so that I can run and run and run on my three legs, until I’m really really really old.  Right?  Close enough, Mom says.  Pam has said on the forums that it’s a good idea for tripawds of any size, even if you’re not having any joint issues yet.   One thing I’ll say for the Dasuquin, they are deeeeelicious.  How do people turn liver into hard circular little things like that, which look and feel nothing like liver, and yet still smell and taste like it???  And even more mysterious, why do they go to all the trouble to do it?  There must be an easier way…  Still, those pills, just one more reason to looooove my new doc.  He has such good taste in supplements.

I almost got to have a sour cream and onion chip on my walk tonight!!!  I found it on the sidewalk.  So tasty…until Mom made me spit it out.  Well, actually it was even tasty for a while after that – it really sticks with ya. 

I’m gonna go to bed now.  Cause the sooner I go to bed, the sooner it will be Friday; the sooner it’s Friday, the sooner it will be the weekend; when it’s the weekend, I get to go back to the park!!!

January 17th, 2010

Gerry Days

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Hey all,

Yesterday my adoption was made official.  It was exactly one month since my amputation too.  Mom can’t believe the couch has been turned around for only one month.  And neither can I!  But we get it back tomorrow!  Today is Couch Day Eve and we’re very excited.

I’m trying to convince Mom that every year we need to celebrate my official adoption day, my unofficial adoption day, Couch Day and Couch Day Eve, my ampuversary, the day she brought me home from the shelter, and we need to pick a birthday for me, since we don’t know when it is!  She wants me to pick just one or two of those holidays.  Humpf!

Oh, and a couple days ago, I got my very own collar and I.D. tag.  No more hand-me-downs from the shelter or from Yoda!

I think Mom made a good choice with the yellow and gold.  I want people to NOTICE me and pet me.

And then tomorrow I get my sutures out and probably get to go to the dog park after.  Whoohoo!  I love it when Mom gets extra day weekends.  Though I’m not sure how I feel about all the car ride practice she wants to do.  Ugh.

Well, I must be off.  It’s Walk Time!


Oh, and Yoda fans, be sure to check out my last blog entry, if you missed it.

Rock on, tripawds!

January 16th, 2010

Yoda in Action

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Well, even I know this is long overdue, but it sure was boring waiting for Mom to finish with the video cameras and the TV and the computer…

Soooo bored... and yes, I have spots on my tongue!

Soooo bored... and yes, I have spots on my tongue!

 Mom had to take video of Yoda on her old camcorder from the 90’s and has wished she could have shared them with you all for a long time.  Well, she tried playing the video on the TV and recording it with her new Flip Ultra video camera.  She’s not thrilled with how much darker everything turned out, but with some editing, most all of it is good enough to see how pawesome my big brother was on three legs, at least.  Maybe some day she’ll get a professional to convert the old video.  But on the eve of my official adoption (forking over the dough to the shelter tomorrow!), she wanted to complete a tribute to Yoda’s memory.   I wouldn’t have gotten here without him!  Thanks, Bro!!

Since the picture quality isn’t great, Mom wants me to give you the head’s up to watch for when Yoda jumps over some big ol’ rocks to stay in a game of chase at the dog park.  There were “Whoa’s!” from the other humans at the park when Yoda did that, but since Mom was filming from far away and you pawrents with your weak ears won’t hear it, Mom went ahead and added music to the video. 

The chase game part is funny, cause it was Mom and Yoda’s first trip to a park after they found he had lung mets, and he had run all around the park already and she thought she had let him run too long, when he stopped for shade and water for quite a while.  Then, as she was wondering if he could make it to the car, he hopped up and took off to check out a gang of dogs several yards away.  And before Mom knew it, he was playing a game of chase!

So enjoy the somewhat random string of video clips of Yoda to “It’s Not My Time,” by 3 Doors Down…

January 12th, 2010

Gerry still camera-shy

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Gerry’s Mom says –

Just have a few cute pictures of Gerry hiding from the camera to share…

Gerry and Rudy 2








Rudy and Gerry 3








Gerry stil don't like pictures







 (Disclaimer, no Gerrys were psychologically traumatized in the taking of these photos.  He was already covering his face before I got out the camera, which seemed like the best time to photograph him).

January 9th, 2010

Cone Bad, but Rudy Good

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Well, the cone of shame endures.  Mom is pretty sure that my new hole (from takin’ out the histi-  histioss – sigh – the little tumor that wasn’t nothin’!) and its stitches are out of my reach, but she doesn’t want to take any chances.  Plus she’s not sure my amputation incision is quite finished either.  But if I have to wear the cone til my new stitches come out – there’s more than a week left!  Ughhhhhh!!!  Mom is trying to give me more breaks from the cone and then I lick everywhere that she’ll let me!  It feels sooooo gooooood.

But at least I have Rudy!

Gerry and Rudolph

She’s my reindeer.  I got her for Christmas.  And guess what?  She’s a bipawd!  Or a Bihoofd, I guess.  She is my furry, squishy reindeer, descended from the great Rudolph himself. 

I take good care of her.  I walk her frequently.  I can even pick her up with my cone on.  Mom thinks that’s funny for some reason and wanted to share it in a video, but she can never get it turned on fast enough to get me picking her up.  Still, she made a movie about me and Rudy going for walks together.  It’s alot like my last movie, except now I have a co-star!

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