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January 21st, 2010


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I love the dog park!

What else needs to be said?  Nothing, right?  The pawesomeness of the dog park is evident in the video.  But Mom wants me to add that this was my first trip to a dog park after my amputation and that in fact it was exactly one month and two days since then.  Also, I had my sutures taken out that day, but not from my amputation (that was a while ago) but from where they cut out the benign little bump from my shoulder two weeks ago.  After that my doc said I was good to go!  I love that guy!!!  What was that Mom?  Oh, she wanted to know who I don’t love…?  She’s looking at me like she told a joke.  I don’t get it, but I’ll wag my tail anyways. 

Ugh, now she (Mom) wants me to tell about the pills she got from my new doc.  Geez, who’s blog is this?!  Okay, so I got some Dasuquin to protect my joints and stuff so that I can run and run and run on my three legs, until I’m really really really old.  Right?  Close enough, Mom says.  Pam has said on the forums that it’s a good idea for tripawds of any size, even if you’re not having any joint issues yet.   One thing I’ll say for the Dasuquin, they are deeeeelicious.  How do people turn liver into hard circular little things like that, which look and feel nothing like liver, and yet still smell and taste like it???  And even more mysterious, why do they go to all the trouble to do it?  There must be an easier way…  Still, those pills, just one more reason to looooove my new doc.  He has such good taste in supplements.

I almost got to have a sour cream and onion chip on my walk tonight!!!  I found it on the sidewalk.  So tasty…until Mom made me spit it out.  Well, actually it was even tasty for a while after that – it really sticks with ya. 

I’m gonna go to bed now.  Cause the sooner I go to bed, the sooner it will be Friday; the sooner it’s Friday, the sooner it will be the weekend; when it’s the weekend, I get to go back to the park!!!

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