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January 1st, 2011

Mom’s Resolution

Posted by GerrysMom in Uncategorized    

Aw man, I’m incorrigible.  Some of you might remember Mom almost rescinded my dog park privileges last year.  I got more training… and then more training, but I get so excited around other male dogs (especially the big ones), and I’m just a rough-and-tumble kinda guy.  It’s a guy thing.  But I had one scuffle too many (nobody’s ever been hurt – promise!) and so Mom doesn’t think it’s safe for me to go to dog parks anymore.  Such a bummer.  Finances permitting, more training classes or meeting with a behaviorist might one day teach me to be better behaved and maybe I can go back then… but that’ll probably be a reeeeally long time.  Mom’s bummed too, especially since we had such great times at tripawd pawties in 2010.  Maybe if there are any other midwest pawties, Mom and I can meet up with people and pups on leash before or after, outside of the park or something.  Sigh.

And all this means Mom has a really BIG resolution to follow through on this year.  She says I’m probably the only motivation strong enough for her to do it – getting into shape to go running with me!  Going to the parks has been my chance to RUN.  Now Mom is going to have to be able to keep up with me.  Paws crossed that she’s up for it.

Anyway, Hoppy New Year everybody!  I got all spiffed up for the occasion. 

Against my will, but I must admit, I looked good after I dried out.  Especially with my new collar and Quiet Spot (it’s a red Velcro thingy that covers my tags and keeps ’em from jingling).  My grandpawrents let Mom bathe me at their place, which was great cause I got to dry out in front of their fire.

And here is a shot of a couple of our tree ornaments at home.  On the right is Mom’s first dog, who she grew up with.  And on the left, most of you will recognize, is Yoda.  Mom often says that if the two of them had had a pup, he would be a lot like me. 

Hoppy Holidays to all!!!


  1. running???? geesh, that sounds extreme! you are so handsome resting by the fire, like something from a picture book!! enjoy your new year!!

      etgayle — January 2, 2011 @ 10:03 am   

  2. Lookin’ good there indeed Gerry! 🙂

      admin — January 2, 2011 @ 2:10 pm   

  3. I agree! Taking up running???? That is EXTREME!!
    You look quite peaceful by the fire! Nice life huh?

    Mom to Spirit JD + Serena and Maya the quadpawds

      jdsmom — January 2, 2011 @ 2:55 pm   

  4. Yeah, I agree it’s extreme, but Gerry doesn’t really run around and exercise in our yard unless someone does it with him. He and my roommate’s dog don’t really play either – and when they do we kind of have to cut it short because Gerry eventually starts up with his naughty behaviors. And, of course, driving the point home, Gerry has already put on a couple winter pounds, at least.

    We did have a pretty successful game of hide and seek in the yard today though. That got him running without me having to 🙂

    Open to exercise tips to save me from running, but pretty sure I’ve heard most of ’em already.

      GerrysMom — January 2, 2011 @ 5:36 pm   

  5. DO IT!! It’s never, never, too late to become a runner. Since Lincoln’s amputation he can’t run with me and I’ve been so lonely out there on my own. Just start small and do only as much as you enjoy.

    I’m so jealous, Gerry, I wish I could run with you. Have fun and be good!!

    Lincoln’s Mom

      credocanis — January 4, 2011 @ 8:38 pm   

  6. Oh DUDE I have GOT to know..what did you do? Mistake a chi-dog for a sqwerl? Chase the white rabbit who was…oops! a bichon?

    Hey you’re making me look GREAT!

    Just kidding pal, I can totally relate. I’m getting threatened all the time with the “NO MORE DOG PARKS!” line. I hope your Mom isn’t serious.

    Meanwhile, thanks for the Christmas card, that was so nice of you!! Hope you have a great 2011, and remember, discipline can work in your favor. YOu’ll get whatever you want!!!!

    Try it and let me know how it goes OK?

      wyattraydawg — January 5, 2011 @ 11:43 pm   

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