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December 24th, 2009

Still here, just been busy staring at the wall!

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Hey all,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, especially since I have plenty to tell.

I had a rough time for a few days.  First, too much pain and not enough Tramadol.  Made me a bit crazy and yelpie.  Even at the max. dosage I was still uncomfortable enough that I didn’t want to lie down anymore.  Even though I was laying on my incision side when I first came home, I do not want to do it anymore and, frankly, I thought for a while that laying down at all was a bad idea.  So I stood or paced and sometimes layed my head on F.M.’s arm, hand, or knee, or even an end table, to take a break from the weight of it.  I get the shakes too – less so lately.  All this kind of freaked F.M. out and then she decided she couldn’t sleep either, which didn’t seem like a good idea.  F.M. suspects this wouldn’t have happened if I had gotten a Fentanyl patch like Yoda did, but it wasn’t just pain that was bugging me.  My tummy was upset and I got diarrhea next.  I’ll skip details on that, but some canned pumpkin and a “bland” diet of boiled chicken and rice took care of that.

But my digestive system wasn’t all better from that.  F.M. dropped me off at the vet on Tuesday to try figure out all my problems and the vet said it sounded like my GI tract wasn’t moving well.  The max. dose of Tramadol I’ve been apparently did that.  So now I’ve got more medicine for that (Metoclopramide and Pepcid AC aka famotidine).  If possible, F.M. is supposed to wean me down to a lower dose of Tramadol too to make it easier on my GI tract, but I had a bad night with pain last night after we got home from the vet, so that was unthinkable.  I kept getting these sudden pains that made me instinctively yelp and bolt away.  I’m better this morning, though I don’t feel like eating much.  No pains worth yelping about so far and I can lay down pretty comfortably and snooze.  F.M. has been snoozing too.  Thank dog – she wears me out!

Whooo!  So that’s where I’ve been.  I came up with a bunch of ideas for posts while I was pacing and staring at the walls though, so I post them soon and there are even a few pictures to go along.  I’m glad to be back and to stare at the computer screen (and read all your posts) instead of the just our walls.

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