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September 6th, 2011

Ramp Shmamp

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So, Mom wanted me to learn to use a ramp for the car just in case.  I get in and out just fine on my own, but she says I have too many years ahead not to take precautions.  Also she stumbled across a ramp at the pet store that was 75% off, haha.  Mom made a video of me learning to use the ramp – of course.  It’s edited for length, cause otherwise it’d be really boring, but she tried to keep in some of our awkward moments and not let it look easier than it was! She also asked me to spell out a few tips for other tripawd pawrents who might be trying to teach/learn this.  Oh, and so you know, she didn’t come up with any of these tips on her own, they’re all stolen from training classes we took, and books she read, and the instructions that came with the ramp itself 🙂

1) Take it slow and in the beginning.  Give treats even for simply coming near the ramp.  Practice in short increments over time, so neither of you gets frustrated and you can keep the mood fun!

2) Lure your pup (with treats or toy or whatever works best) across the ramp while it’s laying flat on the ground.  That way they can get used to the weird feel of it, without the added challenge of going up and down.  You may even want to have them sit or lay down on it, again, just to get used to the feel.

3) Then do the same with the ramp raised at higher elevations, as gradually as possible until ready for the height of the ramp to the car (or whatever you’re going to be using the ramp for).

4) While you want to use something your dog LOVES (treats, toys, etc) to lure them up and down the ramp, keep in mind that if your dog gets too excited about the reward, he or she might forget to pay attention to where his or her feet are.  So, while you want them happy and having fun with it, you don’t want them too riled up either!  (So it’s not just your tripawd who needs to keep his or her balance with this activity, haha)

Alright, that’s all we got, we think.  Hope you enjoy the video!

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