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December 21st, 2010

Ampuversary Toys!

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Hey everypawdy!  I had my ampuversary on the 16th!!!  Had so much fun there wasn’t time to blog.

I got so many new toys and things to chew on – and we haven’t even had Christmas yet.  I made a little video of me enjoying all of them.  Unfortunately even with all the lights on, our living room lighting is too dark for my mom’s camera.  But you get the general idea.

Here’s a play-by-play of what you’re about to see (but feel free to skip down to the dimly-lit video!).  First up is an ampuversary surprise give from a super duper nice lady who works with my mom.  It’s pink and girly – just how me and my roommate Biggie like it.  Hence why Biggie is the one chewing on it in the beginning.  But I keep asking him if he’s done yet until he finally gives it up – then I go to town on it!

Then I got a piece of rawhide!!! No way!!! I haven’t had any of those since my tummy troubles last Spring.  But then I had teeth troubles (mine are very run down and some had factured, so the specialist recommended being extra dilligent with keeping them clean) so Mom let me try a C.E.T. (they make the toothpaste too) rawhide.  So far, no stomach upset!!!  So I might get another!!!  I was so excited, I didn’t dare lay down to chew.  I thought I might have to run with it, if Mom changed her mind.

The next toy I actually got in honor the anniversary of my being fostered by mom.  I think it’s called a treat stick.  Mom fills it with my kibble (since my stomach is mysteriously sensitive).  It’s this blue plastic stick with a hole in it.  I have to roll it to get treats to fall out.  Mom says it’s the easiest of those kinds of toys she could find, but I still get fed up with how much work it is and try to chew it up when Mom gets distracted.  I am noticing that she’s right though – rolling it does get better results than chewing on it (and less scolding from Mom too)

And then I got the toy Mom got me fo my ampuversary – a gingerbread man (not a headless gingerbread man, heehee).  It was a boiled toy too.  I really like the new boiled toys.  Mom isn’t sure why.  She’ll have to remember to ask the pet store lady why they taste better and feel better to chew than most other toys.  They’re not too hard to dismember either – muwhahahahaha!

Once again, gotta say, it’s been a great first year.  Thanks Tripawds for helping my mom and me make it through it!!!

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