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May 31st, 2010

Hottest Pawty in the Madison Area!

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This past Sunday I met Max and Edward and their human mom Meg at the dog park in Badger Prairie Park in Verona, WI, near my home in Madison, WI.  AND we all met Callie (not sure how it’s spelled) too!  She couldn’t stay long.  She had come early and was out of water and ready to go home.  But we did have some time tovisit and drink water together.  Mom gave her mom a bandana and told her about Tripawds and she sounded excited to check out the website.

Then, when Callie had to go, Max, Edward and I continued on.  My grandma even came to visit with cookies for the humans.  That didn’t seem right at a party for dogs that only the people got the treats, but I’m on a restricted diet now anyway, so I’m more indignant on Max and Edward’s behalf.  It was sweet of Grandma to stop by at all though, I guess.  She’s a busy lady.

I then promptly disappeared.  I double-backed to the entrance to make sure there wasn’t anyone else to greet.  Boy did that wear me out though!  It was really hot.  Mom says with the heat index it broke 90 degrees – whatever that means.  Mom helped me strip off my harness and bandana at that point, because she was afraid I was too hot to catch up to my guests, who were waiting further in the park.  So me and the boys drank a lot of water and eventually claimed ourselves a picnic table.  Max was very good at defending it so that we’d have plenty of shade.  Though at times he did let smaller dogs visit with us.

Mom says I have to draw your attention to the cutest part of the video she took.  (Really I think the humans find any bit with little Edward in it is the “cutest”).  But apparently at one point, he was playing with my tail.  I thought I felt something.

Alright on to the video and pictures you’ve all been waiting for:

Edward the Honorary Tripawd!

Three Legged Max - the smartest of us!



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